VIEW PDF DIAGRAM: Is there hope for our relationship? Can the brick wall between us ever come down? Watch Randy Murphy demonstrate how true forgiveness can take down a wall that was built brick by brick—bringing restoration, freedom, life and hope to a broken relationship.
VIEW PDF DIAGRAM: Why does it feel like there's a brick wall between us? Sin acts like a brick. When I sin I add a brick. When they sin they add a brick. Over time, a double-sided brick wall is built that deeply hinders relationship. In this video Randy Murphy demonstrates how that wall gets built.
VIEW PDF CHECKLIST: Confession is one of the most humbling journeys to engage—a path everyone could use some encouragement to walk down. Watch this video to learn practical "how-to's" for confessing sin as part of the relational reconciliation process.
VIEW PDF LIST: Asking good questions can help someone find the right words to describe the sin they need to confess. This video resource will help you learn how to ask good questions!
VIEW PDF LIST: Finding the right words to identify your sin against someone brings deeper freedom to your heart. This video resource will help you more clearly identify how you have offended others and equip you to seek more specific forgiveness!
VIEW PDF CHECKLIST: Harboring anger and bitterness will eat you from the inside out! However, freedom through forgiveness is possible! Watch this video tutorial on how to use the Forgiveness Checklist to identify the specific offenses of others that with God's help you can forgive.
FORGIVENESS PROCESS CHART: FORGIVENESS STEPS CHART: Following the forgiveness process & steps outlined in this video will bring deeper levels of God's freedom and peace to the relationships in your life!
FORGIVENESS PROCESS CHART: FORGIVENESS STEPS CHART: Is your relationship with your spouse strained? Has trust been broken? Watch this video to learn how to forgive, reconcile and rebuild a pathway of trust.
Jonah ran from God because he did not want to share the gospel with the Ninevites who were their political and social enemies. This is like the modern-day struggle of christians in Muslim countries reaching out to the very people who may have raped or murdered some of their family or friends. The gospel of God's grace should overshadow the pain others bring us and forgiveness paves the way to love them with the love of Christ.
VIEW PDF LIST: Understanding God's character of mercy, grace and forgiveness fuels any act of true confession. Watch this video to learn how God's Word can strategically empower your prayers of confession.
VIEW PDF DIAGRAM: Sin happens. People hurt us. We hurt people. How can we maintain healthy relationships in the middle of a sinful world? This video illustrates how the biblical process of forgiveness, confession, seeking forgiveness and admonishment brings freedom in our relationships!
VIEW PDF DIAGRAM: Is your position with Christ secure? How does our sin affect our relationship with Jesus? As a believer, God is no longer our judge, but our Father. This video illustrates how our sin hinders fellowship with God even though our position with Him remains secure through faith in Jesus' work on the cross.
VIEW PDF CHECKLIST: Ever been angry, blaming, bitter or withdrawing in a relationship? It's possible–even probable–that you need to forgive. Watch this video to learn how to identify the warning signs that unforgiveness is at the root of your relational conflict.