Called to Obedience is a process within the context of an intimate discipling relationship which utilizes a combination of personal Bible studies, lessons and practical projects to assist individuals in experiencing the reality of God and His resources in their daily lives. As disciples implement the life changing principles of obedience, they are encouraged to pass on what they have learned and experienced with others in similar discipling relationships.


Encouraging believers to grow in their love for God.

Called to Obedience is a ministry that provides the track, tools and training designed to encourage believers to develop a greater love for God, which results in a growing obedience demonstrated through the application of biblical principles to everyday life.

We utilize a process within the context of intimate discipling relationships, which focuses on a combination of personal Bible studies, lessons and practical projects to assist individuals in experiencing the reality of God and His resources.

Equipping the Body of Christ to live out the reality of the Gospel.

The goal of CTO is to encourage ongoing biblical relationships within the Body of Christ, which equip and challenge the believer to bring glory to God by living out the reality of the Gospel in their daily lives. The foundation of such relationships is built on a right view of God and a right view of the Gospel.

Because God is GREAT, you can see life through His perspective. This requires renewing your mind:

  • Being anchored in the sovereignty of God
  • Understanding the call to suffer
  • Submitting control of people and circumstances to God

Because God is GRACIOUS, you can practice biblical love. This requires reconciling relationships:

  • Forgiving others as we have been forgiven – Col. 3:12-15
  • Confessing sin to a righteous by loving Father– 1 John 1:9; James 5:16
  • Seeking forgiveness of those who have been offended – Matt. 5:23-24

Because God is GOOD, you can live a surrendered life. This requires relinquishing rights:

  • Releasing perceived rights
  • Surrendering difficult people and situations to God’s control
  • Repenting of idols and other gods in my life

Because God is GLORIOUS, you can live for His Kingdom. This requires right thinking about God and the Gospel:

  • Living for His Story, not your own
  • Living out your new Identity in Christ
  • Living with freedom from fear of others or circumstances

Experiencing transformed lives by the Spirit of God,
through the Word of God, in the context of the People of God.

CTO is unique because…

  • It is thoroughly biblical and relies on Scripture as a primary source of change.
  • It depends on the involvement of the Holy Spirit, the primary agent of change.
  • It is designed to correct one’s view of God, which corrects one’s view of himself.
  • It deals with heart issues not just external behavior.
  • It is experientially learned rather than didactically taught – focus on transformation not information.
  • It is a tool to be used in the context of the “body life” of the church – designed for one to one and couple to couple discipling relationships with a high level of accountability.
  • It is designed to make disciples who make disciples since it is easily transferable to others.


Our primary discipleship path walks you through practical application of biblical truth that should be lived out in your relationship with God and others. It is designed to help you discover the areas in which it is difficult for you to live out the gospel and identify the heart issues that are hindering your obedience. We give you many “how to” tools and projects to help you implement these biblical principles in your daily life.

PART ONE: The Gospel and Our Relationship With Others.

The Gospel and Our Relationship With Others is designed to help you begin relating to others, especially the difficult people in your life, the way God intended. When you practice loving others biblically by forgiving, forbearing and admonishing one another and by putting on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience, you glorify Him. The story of the Gospel is being lived out and His mission is being accomplished!

PART TWO: The Gospel and Our Relationship to the Fall.

The Gospel and Our Relationship to the Fall is designed to help you identify the specific ways the fall has impacted you and the specific patterns of unbelief that are keeping you from living an obedient, surrendered life. You will start by discovering your sinful patterns of self-protection that have become your normal way of relating to life. As you begin to understand the root causes of your sinful behaviors, you can respond with confession in repentance through the life transforming power of the Gospel.

PART THREE: The Gospel and Our Relationship With God.

The Gospel and Our Relationship With God is designed to help you maintain a vital relationship with God by correcting some of the areas where you are not thinking biblically about Him. As you put God in His rightful place you will begin to be overwhelmed that He loves you. This should produce brokenness and gratefulness in response to your loving, gracious Father. Loving Him more intensely is what should produce a greater desire to obey Him. A growing intimate relationship with God is necessary to continue on the path of obedience. God wants to transform you from the inside out. He has given you all the resources necessary to experience life with Him and to live a life for Him and His glory.