Randy Murphy from CTO Ministries discusses what present day idols look like and how common they can be in our lives.
Hurtful things that happen in a relationship are like bricks being placed on a wall. Over time, a double-sided wall is built that can destroy the relationship if not dealt with biblically. Randy Murphy, of Called to Obedience Ministries, shares how that wall gets built.
VIEW PDF DIAGRAM: Why does it feel like there's a brick wall between us? Sin acts like a brick. When I sin I add a brick. When they sin they add a brick. Over time, a double-sided brick wall is built that deeply hinders relationship. In this video Randy Murphy demonstrates how that wall gets built.
In this 40 minute presentation, Dennie Dowell Patton, of Called to Obedience Ministries (CTO) shares a biblical perspective on the role of the wife with special attention given to 1 Peter 3.
It is so easy to see what needs to change in someone else. It is just as easy to step in and attempt to play the Holy Spirit in that person's life to "help speed up" that process. In this 45 minute video, Dennie Dowell Patton, from Called to Obedience Ministries, shares her complete teaching on what happens when we "put our mug in the middle" and the need to get out of the way to let God do what only God can do.
"The solution to our lack of obedience is not to "try harder" but to encounter the radical grace of God". (Tim Keller). Obedience is not something I have to do, but something I get to do to show God my love for Him ...motivated by His great love for me!
Jonah ran from God because he did not want to share the gospel with the Ninevites who were their political and social enemies. This is like the modern-day struggle of christians in Muslim countries reaching out to the very people who may have raped or murdered some of their family or friends. The gospel of God's grace should overshadow the pain others bring us and forgiveness paves the way to love them with the love of Christ.
Randy Murphy from Called to Obedience Ministries, looks at the call of the first disciples in Matt 4 and shares that The call to become a Christian is a call to follow Christ.
The Launching Seminar gives you the Why, What and How of discipling another person using the materials provided though CTO Ministries. This seminar was recorded with Zoom with a group in Bozeman, MT>
Randy Murphy, from CTO Ministries, shares the power of biblical forgiveness and reconciliation with practical steps that make it real in our lives and relationships.
We are born "kingdom builders". The question is what kingdom are you trying to build? A better question is "whose kingdom are you living for? Randy Murphy from Called To Obedience Ministries challenges us to live for the right Kingdom - to live for what really matters.