VIEW PDF CHECKLIST: Confession is one of the most humbling journeys to engage—a path everyone could use some encouragement to walk down. Watch this video to learn practical "how-to's" for confessing sin as part of the relational reconciliation process.
VIEW PDF LIST: Asking good questions can help someone find the right words to describe the sin they need to confess. This video resource will help you learn how to ask good questions!
VIEW PDF LIST: Finding the right words to identify your sin against someone brings deeper freedom to your heart. This video resource will help you more clearly identify how you have offended others and equip you to seek more specific forgiveness!
VIEW PDF CHECKLIST: Do you know how well your life is reflecting Biblical love? This video illustration will help you learn how to invite God to evaluate your heart based on 1 Corinthians 13. Learning how to express biblical love is a gift that will invite grace and peace into every relationship in your life.
VIEW PDF CHECKLIST: Harboring anger and bitterness will eat you from the inside out! However, freedom through forgiveness is possible! Watch this video tutorial on how to use the Forgiveness Checklist to identify the specific offenses of others that with God's help you can forgive.
VIEW PDF CHECKLIST: Ever been angry, blaming, bitter or withdrawing in a relationship? It's possible–even probable–that you need to forgive. Watch this video to learn how to identify the warning signs that unforgiveness is at the root of your relational conflict.