Free Studies

God’s Design for Marriage

Marriage is God’s creation and idea – not ours. He has a specific design that is intended for our good and His glory. The marriage relationship is to be a picture of Christ’s love for His Church. What does that design look like? How can a marriage reflect His purpose? This study addresses those questions and many more to help us see how to have a marriage that truly honors God.

Marriage (PDF)

The Story of the Gospel (Intro to Part 1)

“God is on a mission to reveal Himself and that mission is accomplished, in part, through the Gospel… which involves a much bigger story than just how you are impacted personally.” This introduction to Part 1 of the DS3 – three part discipleship series, presents the story of the gospel that includes Creation, the Fall, Redemption and Restoration.

Introduction – Part 1 CTO Book Rev 6-1 (PDF)

Essentials of the Faith

This study includes 10 self-directed studies focusing on the foundations of salvation and the work Christ accomplished on the Cross. Is a great study for newer believers and can be used in a small group setting as well.

Essentials of the Faith (PDF)

Who’s in Charge

This study includes seven self-directed studies focusing on the sovereignty of God in all aspects of one’s life. God’s call upon the believer to suffer is explained from a scriptural perspective. This is included in Part One of the Discipleship Series but is available separately and can be used independently of the CTO process. It also is effective in a small group setting.

Complete Who’s in Charge Study (PDF)