“God’s love is perfect and unconditional, based totally upon the character of the Giver rather than you the receiver. Your performance does nothing to influence God’s love for you.”


Called to Obedience Ministries

Called to Obedience is a discipleship ministry that provides training and resources designed to encourage believers to develop a greater love for God and equip them to apply the gospel in their daily lives and relationships. The information provided here is designed as an introduction to our approach and to provide tools and resources for our disciplers..


The CTO Mission

Called to Obedience is a process within the context of an intimate discipling relationship which utilizes a combination of personal Bible studies, lessons and practical projects to assist individuals in experiencing the reality of God and His resources in their daily lives. As disciples implement the life changing principles of obedience, they are encouraged to pass on what they have learned and experienced with others in similar discipling relationships.

01   Who’s Kingdom Are You Living For?

02  Getting Your Mug Out of the Middle

03 Get a Grip: The 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Outline


“You will be sinned against by others until the day they die – you need a way to deal with their sin.”