These studies are part of our Called to DIsciple training materials that lay a biblical foundation for discipling and address the part God plays and the part the discipler plays in the discipling process. A thorough definition of Biblical counseling is contrasted to a secular approach to counseling.

Our Philosophy

Secular vs. Biblical Counseling

This study contrasts the presuppositions behind a secular approach to counseling to a truly biblical approach. The differences in goals, approach, qualifications of the counselor, the view of man, the source of problems and the solution to problems are all addressed.

Secular vs Biblical Counseling (PDF)

The Role of the Discipler

What is my responsibility as a discipler? This study addresses that question as well as clearly demonstrating that it is God who causes growth in a disciple, not the discipler. Guidelines are given in how to fulfill this role as the discipler.

The Role of the Discipler (PDF)

Intimate Discipleship

This study gives the biblical description of a disciple and looks at the examples of Jesus and Paul, who invested not just information but “their own selves” (1 Thess. 2:8). The conclusion is that the best relational context for change is found in a personal intimate discipling relationship.

Intimate Discipleship (PDF)