DS3 Update

2021 Discipleship Series Update

We have released an Update for our 3-part discipleship curriculum known as the Discipleship Series: God’s Call to Obedience! Follow the hyperlinks in the bullet points below to view each update in detail!

(Before you read any further, please understand that page numbering throughout this 3-part series has not changed …with the exception of one chapter. The study entitled “Releasing Fears” has been partially re-written making it impossible to maintain original content on the same pages. Please accept our apologies… but we’re sure you’ll enjoy the re-written version!)¬†

  1. The chapter in Part 2 titled “Releasing Fears” has been partially re-written.
  2. A new foreword with a welcome video (designed to be read together by discipler and disciple) has been added to Part 1.
  3. Three pages of new content (pages 8-10) have been added to the end of the Intro in Part 1.
  4. A 9-page conclusion¬†(designed to be read together by discipler and disciple)¬†entitled “Putting It All Together” has been added to Part 3. This new chapter has already received rave reviews as a key element of the discipleship process. “Putting It All Together” empowers others to actively and practically engage Jesus-followership upon completion of the curriculum.
  5. QR codes have been added to the margins enabling quick and easy digital access to referenced diagrams, charts, lists and accompanying instructional videos. It’s easier than ever to use your mobile device to view these resources and forward them to others! The following eight new diagrams have been added:
  6. Diagrams and “Key Verse” lists throughout the 3-part series have been re-branded for a uniform look and feel.
  7. “Key Verse” lists have been individually branded to equip you to easily identify them and digitally forward them to others.
  8. Finally, you will notice we have enhanced the curriculum to support digital access and usability. For example, many PDF lists contain digitally fillable checkboxes. Also, teaching videos accompany many diagrams, charts and lists equipping disciplers with easily passable concepts.

Click below to watch a detailed overview of these new updates!