New/Additional Studies

God’s Design for Marriage

Marriage is under attack today. But more significantly, marriage as God designed it is misunderstood even within the Christian community. Marriage is not designed to make us happy, but to accomplish God’s purpose of putting Himself on display and making Himself known through this most intimate of relationships. This study will focus on God’s design for marriage and lay the foundation for the role of both husbands and wives.

H – Marriage (PDF)

Living Independently Of God

In your modern world, idols can still be made of wood, silver and bronze, but they are rarely the
types of idols found among Christians.This lesson is designed to acquaint you with the topic of
idols and then to help you identify the “other gods” that you may be substituting for a
meaningful relationship with the one true God. This chapter is included in the study entitled “The Christian: Called to a True Identity in Christ.”

Living Independently of God (PDF)

Intro to Brokenness

Brokenness is a group of lessons related to living a surrendered life dependent upon God. It is a humbling and often painful experience, but a broken and contrite heart is needed so that the Holy Spirit can begin to work within us to strengthen and empower us to go forward in faith! Previous involvement is not necessary to utilize this study.

Brokenness – Intro to Brokenness (PDF)

Practicing Thanksgiving

This study is new in Part 3 of the DS3 – Three Part Series – it is not included in the Classic Manual.

As a believer, you are to give thanks to God in all things. He has a great deal to say about the subject, so He must consider it a vital part of your relationship with Him. This study calls us to that kind of gratitude.

DS3 Part 3 G – Practicing Thanksgiving (PDF)

Walking With God On His Terms

This study is new in Part 3 of the DS3 – Three Part Series – it is not included in the Classic Manual.

Many Christians are living spiritually impoverished lives because they have not developed a biblical system of beliefs to govern their lives, based on what God says about His character and the expression of His loving, divine purpose in all His ways. This study is designed to show where you are demanding your relationship with God on your terms and then how to relate to God the way He desires.

DS3 part 3 D – Walking With God On His Terms (PDF)

Essentials of the Faith

This study includes 10 self-directed studies focusing on the foundations of salvation and the work Christ accomplished on the Cross. Is a great study for newer believers and can be used in a small group setting as well.

Essentials of the Faith