Discipler’s Edition (UPDATED PAGES ONLY)


This “Discipler’s Edition UPDATED PAGES ONLY” package is available to current owners of the Discipler’s Edition (DE). It consists of approximately 200 3-hole-punched pages that contain all the updates made during the 2021 update of the Three-Part Discipleship Series (DS3). For the cost of shipping only, you may order these pages to effectively update your DE to match what your disciple is using. After receiving your updated pages, simply replace the respective pages in your current DE with these updated pages. This update includes all the new QR codes, diagrams and content included in the 2021 DS3 Update.

Availability: Registered users only



NOTE: This package does not include the entire Discipler’s Edition (DE). It only includes the pages that were effected by the 2021 DS3 Update. Once you have replaced the respective pages in your current DE with these new, updated pages, the content in your DE will be fully up-to-date matching the content in the new spiral bound Three-Part Discipleship Series (DS3).

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Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 16 × 2 in