The Discipleship Series – Part 2: The Gospel and Our Relationship to the Fall


In Part Two, you will look at the heart issues that motivate your sinful behavior. You will begin to identify the unbelief and pride that are behind your desire and demand to control your world on your terms. Includes the study The Controllers.

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Part Two is designed to help you identify the specific ways the Fall has impacted you and the specific patterns of unbelief that are keeping you from living an obedient, surrendered life. You will start by discovering your sinful patterns of self-protection that have become your normal way of relating to life. As you begin to understand the root causes of your behaviors, you can respond with confession and repentance through the life transforming power of the Gospel.

The Controllers describes how sinful controlling strategies are used when people are not obedient to God’s Word. This study is devoted to defining and explaining the sinful beliefs and motives that are the root causes of all sinful behaviors and attitudes.

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