Primary Checklists

Additional Checkists

Pride Checklist

This checklist is included in the “Understanding Pride and Rebellion”, from The DS3 series “Part Two: The Gospel and Our Relationship to the Fall“. It is a list of some of the ways pride can manifest itself in our lives and relationships.

Pride Checklist (PDF)

Signs of Unforgiveness

There are definite warning signs when you have not forgiven. This checklist helps you evaluate if any are present in your life.

Book One: The Gospel and Our Relationship With Others, Forgiving Others, B-8

Signs of Unforgiveness (PDF)

Fear Checklist

This evaluation tool is included in “Releasing Fears” from DS3 Part Two: The Gospel and Our Relationship to the Fall. It describes ways fear manifests itself rather than a checklist of specific fears.

Fear Checklist (PDF)

Anger Checklist

There are both visible and less visible forms of anger. This checklist begins the process of exposing the many forms in which anger may be expressed.

Anger Checklists (PDF)

Grateful Checklist

Are you a grateful person? This initial evaluation will point out key areas in which you need to be more grateful. This is an addendum to “Practicing Thanksgiving” from Part 3: The Gospel and Our Relationship With God as well as the study “Thanksgiving” from the Brokenness Study.

Thankful Checklist (PDF)