The Discipleship Series – Part 1: The Gospel and Our Relationship With Others


In Part One of God’s Call to Obedience, you will explore the implications of the gospel and your relationships with others. Includes the study ‘Who’s in Charge’.

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Part One is designed to help you begin relating to others, especially the difficult people in your life, the way God intended. Sin has messed up some, if not many of your relationships. Through the Gospel, God desires to reconcile those relationships to their intended design to reveal His life transforming power. When you practice loving others biblically by forgiving, forbearing and admonishing one another and by putting on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience, you live out the Gospel and put Him on display.

Who’s In Charge, included in this manual, is seven self-directed studies focusing on the sovereignty of God in all aspects of one’s life. God’s call upon the believer to suffer is explained from a scriptural perspective. This is also packaged separately and can be used independently of the CTO process.

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